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Light Jets


Light Jets are for regional travel, providing an average range of 1,500 miles at speeds of up to 535mph, light jets offer the perfect mix of comfort, convenience and value for up to 8 passengers.



Hawker 400XP

The Hawker 400XP has seating for 7, a range of 1,465 nm, an air speed of 535 mph, cabin size of 4’9” x 4’11” x 15’6”, 26.4 cu. ft. luggage capacity and is equipped with a lavatory. Its unique square-oval fuselage design provides more head and shoulder room in the cabin, creating unparalleled space and comfort for as many as seven passengers. Its huge range and speed make the Hawker 400XP an ideal business aircraft.

Citation Encore

The Citation Encore has seating for 7, a range of 1,940 nm, an air speed of 492 mph, cabin size of 4’7” x 4’9” x 17’8”, and a 43 cu. ft. luggage capacity. The Encore’s increased performance allows for faster climbs to altitude – translating into a more comfortable ride – as well as additional range. The cabin offers many larger jet amenities such as a full refreshment center and fully-enclosed aft lavatory.


Cessna CJ2

The Cessna Citation CJ2 has seating for 8, a range of 1,613 nm, an air speed of 481 mph, a cabin size of 4’9” x 4’10” x 13’7”, and 65 cu. ft. luggage capacity. Representing some of the smartest business jets in the world, the CJ2 features excellent takeoff and landing capability, a spacious, comfortable cabin, high speed, great range, and a high ceiling.

Cessna CJ3

The Cessna Citation CJ3 has seating for 9, a range of 1,875 nm, an air speed of 478 mph, a cabin size of 4’9” x 4’10” x 15’8” and a 65 cu. ft. luggage capacity. With a wide-span, natural-laminar flow wing design, the CJ3+ is engineered for excellent performance, impressive range and speed,and well-appointed comfort.



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