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Our Advantage

All Charters Are Not The Same. The ALTOUR AIR Advantage.

There are many charter brokers to choose from. None have the financial stability, support or resources that come from our partnership with ALTOUR. With over $2.6 billion in sales, ALTOUR is one of the largest travel agencies in the world. We leverage this advantage to secure travel benefits and provide personalized service to exceed your expectations.


In-flight dining.
Appetizing options for the
most discerning palette.

View a sample menu, here.


No Jet Ownership. The Ultimate Aircraft Flexibility and Personalization.

With ALTOUR AIR, you’re not locked into specific aircraft. There is no capital investment – or the operating expenses that come with it. This allows for flexibility and personalization, tailored to each trip, including in-flight service catered to your needs. It’s like getting a brand new plane every flight.

Multiple Aircraft Types. One Size Does Not Fit All.

We have no affiliation to any specific charter operator. We represent your best interests. Choose from light, medium or heavy jets. Seating for up to 10 passengers. Global capabilities ranging up to 4,000 miles. Speeds up to 530 mph. Mixing productivity with comfort, convenience and value.