ALTOUR | Exacting Standards

Exacting Standards

Your Charter Experience. Our Exacting Standards.

We determine the experience, quality and safety record of the aircraft operator. The ultimate private air experience requires the ultimate background check.


“I will wholeheartedly recommend ALTOUR
to anyone who will listen to me.”

-Robert Rosener, Credit Agricole

Your Safety. Our Due Diligence.

Safety is our number one priority. We rigorously review in-depth safety reports on the charter operators and check the historical ratings on the aircraft, pilot and operator.

The ARG/US Cheq System. The Ultimate Report.

The Aviation Research Group CHEQ system provides in-depth safety reports on charter operators. Instant access to pilot experience. Aircraft Registration. Ownership and Management. Accident and Incident Reports. Enforcement Actions. Exacting details for peace of mind.

Wyvern Wingman Operators. A Commitment to Rigorous Standards.

ALTOUR AIR is certified as a Wyvern Wingman Broker. Wyvern requires operators to maintain a strict safety program. Through the Wyvern PASS report, ALTOUR AIR is able to verify that your upcoming trip meets their safety requirements. Giving you confidence before you board.