A Partnership Takes Off. ALTOUR AIR is Formed.

In 2004, ALTOUR partnered with Whirlwind Jet to create the ultimate private jet experience.  Both companies featured exacting standards and exceptional service. Today, ALTOUR Air has the industry relationships and leverage to provide the perfect private jet for your needs.


"Service, Service, Service!
That is what separates ALTOUR AIR from others.
ALTOUR AIR, you rock!"

-Name Withheld for Discretion.

Private Jet Travel is Personal. Discretion is Essential.

Protecting your privacy is a critical ingredient of our service. We disclose your personal information solely to the operator. Our commitment to your security goes beyond aircraft safety. Your private jet travel is your business, only. We’ll keep it that way.

The Best of Both Worlds. The ALTOUR AIR Advantage.

High volume with client focus. Global presence with local accountability. Concierge service with competitive pricing. The latest technology with depth of experience. Industry knowledge with creativity. You deserve the best of both worlds.

ALTOUR AIR Brokerage Services. Our Relationship With You.

ALTOUR Air has no affiliation with charter operators. We are a broker and do not own or operate aircraft. Our relationship is with you, our client. We represent only you and your best interests.